Dog Training Tips

Los Angeles dog park

Exposure ≠ Socialization

Exposure Does Not Equal Socialization More and more I go to evals and people tell me that they don’t understand why their dogs are dog reactive. “I mean we’ve socialized her a ton. She goes to the dog park every day and day care a couple times a week.” My response is usually… that’s your problem. […]

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canine good citizen loose leash walking

Canine Good Citizen Training – Los Angeles

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of request for Canine Good Citizen training, so it seems right to discuss the program and why we think it’s so important. Here at iWorkDogs, our aim is to educate people as much as it is to train dogs. We believe there are standards for well behaved dogs, and requirements for […]

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doggy bootcamp rescue dog

Doggy Bootcamp Los Angeles

Doggy Bootcamp – Does it Work? What is “Doggy Bootcamp?” Sounds like someone yelling a bunch of commands at a dog to whip them into shape. That’s not what we do. We call our board and training process The Immersion Program. We call it immersion, because the dog is immersed in learning or the full […]

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Los Angeles at home dog training

Private Dog Training Options | Los Angeles

Hi friends… Let’s discuss private dog training. We get a lot of questions from potential clients asking about the benefits of at home dog training and boarding and training their dogs. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of both. Both options are very effective ways of training your dog; however, they are very different and will […]

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dog in a new apartment

Moving Into An Apartment With Your Dog?

Moving Into An Apartment With Your Dog? Dogs thrive off of habit and routine. If you are moving into an apartment from a house, sometimes the change of routine and scenery can be overwhelming to your dog. You want to try your best to prepare your dog for this drastic change.  Let’s look at all […]

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off leash marina del Rey beach

Is Your Dog Ready To Go Off Leash?

Is Your Dog Ready To Go Off Leash? We all want a dog that can go off leash and come back when called. Problem is… most people jump to that fairy tale scenario waaaay before their dog is actually ready. Think of it this way… teenagers want unwavering freedom. In most cases, if they were […]

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Housebreaking: Teach Your Dog To Go On Command

Teach Your Dog To Go On Command This is something that may come in handy on those frantic mornings when you’re already running late. If you ever plan on taking your pup to someone else’s house, this could be useful before you go inside. If you just don’t want to stand out in the rain while […]

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bribing your dog to sit

Bribing Your Dog To Sit

Bribing Your Dog To Sit “Do you use food in training? I don’t believe in bribing my dog.” This is something we hear all too often from potential clients. I always respond with “Yes, we use food as a motivator and as reward, but we don’t bribe the dogs.” I’ve found that it’s not that […]

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Teach Your Dog To SIT

Wanna teach your dog to SIT? Below are step-by-step instructions on why and how to teach your dog the SIT command. What is the SIT command? The SIT command is when you ask your dog to SIT, and he automatically puts his butt on the ground with his back legs tucked neatly under his belly. […]

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Shut The Eff Up! – How To Stop Your Dog From Barking (Part 1)

Shut The Eff Up – Stop your dog from barking. It’s 3am, and the neighbor’s dog starts barking and then your dog starts barking. It only lasts about a minute, but it’s enough to make you exhausted for work the next morning. Next scenario, your dog leaps onto the couch peering out the window and […]

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