Pros and Cons of Immersive Puppy Training Programs

Immersive puppy training programs – also known as boot camp or board-and-train programs – seem like a smart solution for Los Angeles pet parents. But is sending your young pup off to learn from a professional dog trainer really a good idea?

To help you make an informed decision as to whether this type of puppy training is right for you and your fur baby, we’re examining the pros and cons of board-and-train programs. Reading the following should answer your biggest questions about immersive training, and if you want more information, the iWorkDogs team has you covered.

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What is Immersive Puppy Training?

Before we go any further, we’d like to explain what puppy boot camp entails. It’s a live-in experience, like attending a boarding school. The program lasts for anywhere from four to ten weeks, and during that time, puppies stay with a professional dog trainer.

Essentially, if you enroll your little tail-wagger in a board-and-train program, you’ll be delegating the task of teaching them basic skills and habits to someone else. That may be for the best, but you may find it helpful to learn about the merits and drawbacks of choosing immersive puppy training.

Benefits of Puppy Boot Camp

Immersive puppy training offers several advantages to new pet parents. The reasons you might want to consider a board-and-train program include:

Your puppy will get trained by a professional.

Los Angeles puppy boot camp programs are designed to help young dogs learn the skills they need to become well-adjusted family companions. Let professional dog trainers work with your beloved pup, and you’ll see results.

The trainer can help resolve bothersome behavior.

While immersive training isn’t a magical elixir that erases all types of behavioral issues, boot camp can help your fur baby learn better habits. When the puppy training program ends and your pup comes home, you should face far fewer challenges.

Boot camp allows for socialization in a safe setting.

Canine experts say that using a positive approach when exposing puppies to new sounds, sights and situations helps sow the seeds of confidence. Experienced professional dog trainers know how to socialize a pup safely and effectively.

You’ll get the puppy training guidance you need.

For the skills and habits a young dog learns at boot camp to stick, puppy parents need to maintain the training. After boot camp, the best professional dog trainers provide pointers and lessons to achieve success at your Los Angeles home.

Problems with Immersive Training

As advantageous as boot camp can be, there are a few arguments against this method of puppy training. Here are the potential downsides you should think about:

Board-and-train programs aren’t cheap.

For many new pup parents in the Los Angeles area, immersive training seems rather pricey. But while the cost of boot camp may be on the high side, it’s a relative bargain when you consider what professional dog trainers can achieve.

Not all professionals use ethical techniques.

You won’t be there with your puppy, and you may never know exactly how your beloved pet is being treated. That said, if you do your research and read reviews from former clients, you should be able to find an upstanding professional trainer.

Boot camp isn’t the be-all and end-all for training

The weeks of working with a professional dog trainer go a long way, but puppy training requires effort at home for the new skills to endure. Without practice, your little pooch may backslide – but a qualified trainer can help you avoid this outcome.

Immersive training isn’t right for every puppy.

Some young dogs simply aren’t suited for a board-and-train boot camp program. If your four-legged friend is quite shy, fearful or aggressive, an experienced professional dog trainer might recommend taking a different approach to puppy training.

Should You Choose Immersive Puppy Training?

After mulling over the information above, you probably have a pretty good idea as to whether boot camp is the best puppy training option for you and your young dog. If you decide to enroll your fur baby in immersive training, however, you’ll want to find a good board-and-train program.

In Los Angeles and the surrounding area, a great many professional dog trainers offer puppy boot camp programs. Asking your veterinarian or the shelter, rescue or breeder where you initially got your little tail-wagger for a recommendation is a good plan – and when you do, you’ll likely find that iWorkDogs Dog Training Company is the top suggestion.

Our professional dog trainers have extensive experience working with puppies of all breeds, and our state-of-the-art training and boarding facility is designed for safety, comfort and fun. We assist pet parents throughout the southern California area, including Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Venice and West Hollywood. To learn more about the qualifications of the iWorkDogs team and our immersive puppy training programs, contact us today.

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