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YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! – Meet Founder David Wright

In 2009, David found himself attending a dog training group class with OJ the K9 Coach. He was working with his dog-aggressive cane corso puppy, Charli. Taking the class helped him realize that he'd been living with dogs all his life, and was doing so many things wrong. This was quite the surprise... Somewhere in between this revelation and a pre-existing love for dogs, it reignited David's spark to work with dogs.

"I remembered how much I loved training, and I was happiest when I was learning and teaching behaviors."

David apprenticed for 5 years under Otis James Knighten, the K9 Coach. Seeing the need for fast and effective dog training, he began to focus on simple ways to produce the best results in training. David initially purchased the iWorkDogs.com domain because he wanted to write a blog and educate as many dog owners as possible. Eventually the people interested in the help became too much to ignore, so with OJ's blessing, he left to start the iWorkDogs Dog Training Co.

Playing With Baby Aella from David Wright on Vimeo.

This is a little video I shot with a gopro of me and my Malinois Aella at Norman O Houston Park in Los Angeles. We were mixing in some fun dog tricks with some training... make training a way of life.



We specialize in helping people create better relationships with their dogs through play and obedience. We want dogs to live up to the title of "Man's Best Friend," so we focus on education and skills. This approach leads to well-mannered dogs that can be fully incorporated into their family's lives. We want our clients to be advocates, not just for their own dogs, but for all dogs... we're trying to create a legion of canine good citizens and responsible dog owners all over Los Angeles. 

What sets us apart is our system. Dog training overall is simple but not easy, so we consolidate steps that can make it easier to get the results you need. We want you to understand your dog as much as you want your dog to understand you.

It warms us to know that we can provide our families with techniques that work. So, if you're looking for dog potty training... we can help. If you're having issues with dog to dog aggression or even people aggression... we can help. If you're looking for dog school, at-home dog training, or boarding and training, we can help.


Training Here or There!

You can visit us at our location in Playa Del Rey or we can come to you for your training needs. We provide our services to customers throughout the LA area, including Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Venice, El Segundo and Culver City.

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