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Our biggest concern before we started with David is that we had no control over our 1 year old rescue Lab/Pit mix Jax.  This was especially apparent whenever we would have guests over and he would bark and growl aggressively.  We had no idea how he would react in these situation and it led to a lot of anxiety.   Walks were hit or miss as well.  Jax would be fine one moment and then his attitude was shift when other dogs or even people got too close–it was not fun!  We had one incident with a neighbor and we knew enough was enough so we started researching obedience training.  We knew we needed something more than group sessions at our local pet store and I found that David at “iWorkDogs” had great reviews and testimonials.  We scheduled an evaluation in our home with David and he quickly determined that Jax was an insecure and protective dog. David has a great way of explaining things using human analogies that make a lot of sense in the “dog” world.  We opted for his 8 private session package as our main concerns were being comfortable when guests would come over and leash aggression.  I can say throughout our 8 sessions that our needs were definitely met.  We started off basic with “focus” training and gradually moved on to more complex training tactics like “go to your bed” and recall training.  The combination of our weekly sessions and our commitment to practicing throughout the week gave us great results with Jax. He now knows to go to his bed at the sound of the doorbell!  We recently hosted a dinner party in our home–something I couldn’t imagine a couple months ago! Thank you David!
I’d say the most rewarding part was actually training ourselves and knowing what situations to avoid with our pup.  David always preached that confidence in our training and recognizing situations to avoid lead to happier/more confident dogs.  This could not be more true in our situation!  We learned some great tools and committed to practicing for a little each and every day.  Our dog is even sleeping better and we are much more comfortable letting people into our homes and going on walks.  
I’d recommend David to anyone with an insecure dog or anyone who feels they can benefit from one on one training.  David is very prompt and professional and you will be very pleased with the results!
Dana JohnsonPlaya Del Rey, CA

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