All About Dog Boot Camp Programs

Want your tail-wagger to learn new skills and better behavior? A dog boot camp program in Los Angeles may have the solution you need.

Also referred to as immersion training or as a dog board-and-train program, boot camps are beneficial for southern California pet parents who are short on time or don’t have the patience to deal with dog training. If you fit that description, this type of program can be an effective way to help your beloved pooch become a happy, well-behaved and well-adjusted family companion.

Before enrolling your furry friend in a Los Angeles dog boot camp, you’ll want to know more about how these programs work. Here’s the information you need to decide if immersion training is the right choice for you and your dog.

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How Dog Boot Camp Programs Work

Enroll your furry friend in a board-and-train program, and they’ll be staying with professional trainers for anywhere from four to ten weeks. During that time, multiple one-on-one training sessions will take place each day. The focus of these sessions will be on teaching your dog the skills and behaviors you’d like them to learn.

When not working with the professional dog trainers, your pooch will have plenty of downtime. They’ll get to go for walks, take naps and participate in supervised group play sessions.

Once the immersion training program ends, you’ll get to see a demonstration of what your dog has learned. The professional trainers will also show you how to achieve results at home. You shouldn’t be left you high and dry, though, as reputable Los Angeles dog boot camp programs offer follow-up lessons and additional support to pet parents.

What Dogs Learn During Immersion Training

When it comes to dog board-and-train programs, professional trainers don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Immersion training is customized, and after learning what you’d like to achieve, the trainers will create a plan geared toward your overall goals.

While at boot camp, your dog can learn the following:

  • Basic commands
  • General manners
  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Leash walking
  • Proper socialization

The professional trainers can also work on correcting bad habits. Immersion training can an effective means of helping your pooch learn not to:

  • Jump up on people
  • Nab food from the counter
  • Beg at the table
  • Bark constantly
  • Run out the door
  • Not bite or nip at people
  • Dig in the yard
  • Whine for attention

Dog boot camp can help with behavioral challenges, too, including separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding and fear issues. Some Los Angeles dog board-and-train programs also provide specialty training for therapy, agility, water safety, dog sports and the Canine Good Citizen test.

Should You Consider a Dog Boot Camp Program?

As long as you enroll your pooch in a highly regarded boot camp program – one led by experienced professional trainers who use clear communication, positive reinforcement and a balanced, rewards-based approach — immersion training can be highly effective.

Generally speaking, boot camp isn’t typically an inexpensive training option. But, many Los Angeles pet parents find that immersion training is well-worth the cost. Board-and-train programs are designed to:

In addition, a Los Angeles dog boot camp is worthy of consideration for pet parents who are heading out of town. The cost isn’t much more than a standard boarding facility, and instead of doing nothing in particular at a kennel, dogs have fun and learn important skills.

However, board-and-train programs aren’t always the right choice. Stress over the change in routine and environment can be an issue for some dogs, and for those that are extremely aggressive, fearful, shy or anxious, professional trainers may recommend a different training solution.

Choosing the Right Los Angeles Dog Boot Camp

Pet parents in southern California have the choice of several dog board-and-train programs. Choosing the right one for you and your pooch can be a challenge, as the industry is completely unregulated.

As such, you’ll need to look for a professional dog trainer who has completed an apprenticeship program and continues to seek out ongoing education. You’ll also want to find a trainer who has extensive experience working with canines of all ages, breeds and dispositions. For recommendations, ask your veterinarian – or simply turn to iWorkDogs Dog Training Company.

We’re the preferred professional dog trainers in Los Angeles and the greater southern California area, and we have the trust of local rescues, shelters, breeders and veterinarians. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed for comfort and safety, and we shape canine behavior through the use positive reinforcement and rewards-based training.

For more information on the iWorkDogs team of expert LA dog trainers, or to discuss the benefits of enrolling in our dog boot camp in Los Angeles, California, contact us online or give us a call today.

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