Essential Dog Training Products for Pet Owners

Dog training at home is much easier if you have the right supplies. Whether you want to teach your pooch basic commands, encourage obedience or curb undesired behavior, using certain items can make a world of difference.

What products are must-haves for pet owners? Before you begin to work on dog training, make sure you have the following tools in your arsenal.

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Collar or Harness

To guide your dog and control their movement, you’ll need a collar or harness. Either can clip to a leash, but if your furry friend has a habit of pulling you on walks or jumping up on strangers, a harness may be a better choice.

Training Treats

Rewards keep dogs motivated to learn. You can buy treats specifically designed for dog training or use pieces of dried meat, string cheese or Fido’s favorite food – just be sure the morsels you offer are small, about the size of a pencil eraser.

Treat Pouch

If you keep dog training treats in your pocket, you may not be able to get one out all that quickly – and too long of a delay can defeat the purpose of offering the reward. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep treats in special pouch at your waist.

Training Leash

Training leashes are typically between four and six feet in length, which allows for easy redirection and enough slack for comfortable walking. Many pet owners use hand-held leashes, but you may prefer a waist-clip leash to keep your hands free.

Long Line

If you’re working on long-distance stays or teaching your pooch to come when called, using a long line – from 15 to 30 feet long – is safer than simply not using a leash. And with a longer lead, you can let your dog explore a bit during training breaks.


Clickers can be effective training tools, and using one can help your dog understand the behavior or action you want. Click at the exact moment Fido exhibits a desired behavior, then follow the sound with a tasty treat, and you’ll make your expectations clear.

Need Help with Dog Training?

Having the right equipment on hand is important when you’re trying to train your dog, and using the above-mentioned tools can help speed up the process and ensure good results. But if your training sessions aren’t all that successful, don’t get stressed – get help from the experienced professionals at iWorkDogs Dog Training Company in southern California.

We train dogs of all breeds and temperaments, and the iWorkDogs team uses positive reinforcement training to promote proper behavior. For more information on our reward-based LA dog training programs, use our online contact form or call our office today.

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