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Bringing a dog into the family is a big responsibility with many rewards.  It is up to us owners to maximize the success of the adoption and enjoyment.  All dogs have different personalities and habits.  Some of these habits can be of concern.  Some of the more problematic habits are: aggressiveness towards other dog or humans, jumping on elderly parents, lack of overall control.

When we adopted Ruby (a 4-month old Labrador/mix puppy), we experienced the above habits.  It was our responsibility to seek out training that would help both Ruby and the Bussey Family.  This led us to search for the proper trainer.  We now know the importance of an experienced dog trainer.  There are many people out there that offer dog training services.  Trust me, we enlisted a few with limited results.

Let me introduce David Wright at iworkdogs Dog Training Co.  David is the person we turned to when all other training did not work.

We opted for immersion training for Ruby.  David addressed the aggressiveness and jumping directly.  The training also included overall obedience training and the all-important human training.  David’s expertise and dedication with both Ruby and our family paid off.  I can gladly say that my wife-Lisa, daughter-Rachel (8 years old), Ruby and myself owe David our gratitude.  The bad habits are gone and most importantly, Ruby is a cherished part of our family.

The Bussey FamilyCypress, CA

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