rescue dog training

The Johnsons & Jax

Our biggest concern before we started with David is that we had no control over our 1 year old rescue Lab/Pit mix Jax.  This was especially apparent whenever we would have guests over and he would bark and growl aggressively.  We had no idea how he would react in these situation and it led to […]

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Pit bull dog training

Sheryl & Tank

Tank is doing really well – I can’t believe how much he’s changed.  I’ve actually had a few friends over who have commented on how different he is, and how well behaved.  I no longer worry about opening the door and him darting outside to get at another dog.  One of the two pictures I’ve […]

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Dog Training in Playa Vista

Jayne & Rudy’s Pack

We had tried all kinds of different dog training courses before finding David at iworkdogs.com. With three young rescue dogs, we faced many challenges with our dog pack. One of our rescue dogs had been described as “untrainable” by his previous owner before that owner surrendered him to a shelter. Another one of our dogs […]

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Train 2 dogs in Los Angeles

The Escobars, Zoe & Lola

Our biggest concerns were with the lack of progress we were making in training our small dog on simple commands like “sit”, and trying to train our large dog to be less impulsive.  David had a lot of great techniques for both of our dogs, who couldn’t be more unalike in temperament.  He had great techniques […]

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Lab mix aggression rehab

The Busseys’ & Ruby

Bringing a dog into the family is a big responsibility with many rewards.  It is up to us owners to maximize the success of the adoption and enjoyment.  All dogs have different personalities and habits.  Some of these habits can be of concern.  Some of the more problematic habits are: aggressiveness towards other dog or […]

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Training Here or There!

You can visit us at our location in Playa Del Rey or we can come to you for your training needs. We provide our services to customers throughout the LA area, including Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Venice, El Segundo and Culver City.

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