Los Angeles is a dog-friendly city, where pooches are often welcome at restaurants and other public places. For this reason, it’s important that LA dogs know how to behave. That’s why LA dog owners choose iWorkDogs Dog Training for their dogs’ training and behavior modification needs. We provide an immersive training experience that sets your dog up for success for life. Your pooch goes home from our program with an easy-to-follow training plan with step-by-step instructions, so you’ll be able to help your dog maintain their skills and good behavior for the long term.

Immersion Training

Over the span of a few weeks, your dog is immersed in a customized training program with us specifically tailored to their needs. Our trainer works with your dog on basic or advanced obedience skills and addresses common behavioral problems such as jumping, nipping, pulling and displaying aggression against people or other dogs. The immersive method gives the dog clear and consistent rules which the owner can replicate, if committed, once the dog returns home. To ensure continued success with your dog, we teach you our training methods. Immersive training is a good choice for dog owners with busy schedules or those who have shy or fearful dogs.

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Private Training

It’s our goal for dogs that go through our immersive training program to emerge with the skills they need to be good dogs for life. However, issues can crop up later. Some dogs are challenged by life changes such as adding a new person or pet to the household, moving to another house or apartment, or any of life’s other stressors. These issues can cause undesirable behaviors to emerge, and that’s when you need private training for your dog. Our dog trainer will visit your home and observe your dog in their own environment to help evaluate their behavior, pinpoint issues and develop strategies. We then custom-design a program specifically for your dog and their needs.

* In order to book private lessons, your dog must have already gone through one of our immersion programs.

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Bite Club - Protection Sport Training

Our Bite Club is a group of committed trainers and passionate working dog enthusiasts who diligently prepare and train our dogs to compete in various dog sports. We welcome all breeds, skill levels, experience levels and bite sports disciplines to participate. (Mondioring, PSA, French Ring, IPO/IGP/Schutzhund and Personal Protection.)

This club is by invitation only; however, we also offer Open Protection on a per-session basis and will work in the discipline and sport of your choosing. Open Protection admittance is subject to trainer approval, as it MUST be paired with appropriate obedience training either with one of our club trainers or with a trainer with congruent methods. This is important to provide a balance of control to go along with any bite work training.

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