Yvonne & Raksha

Shepherd training

Knowing that I had just adopted a high drive German Shepherd was a little overwhelming to say the least! I got my dog Raksha with the goal to eventually work with her in a sport or activity beyond her being my pet, but I didn’t even know where to begin.

Before I met David I was desperate to get her to a point where she was manageable for me – how do I deal with this high drive dog that I had just adopted? Her leash skills were non-existent, and she wanted to chase every car she saw. Living in Venice, we were going to come across every distraction you could imagine – tons of dogs, people, cars, skateboards, etc, and I needed to be able to trust her in any situation.

From our very first lesson, David was able to ease my stress by outlining a plan of action, beginning with helping me create a communication system with Raksha. From there, we worked through basic obedience and a system of rules for our walks and in the house – which have been life changing. Crate training was a super daunting task to me but David was very encouraging along the way and helped me get there on my own timeline. I now am able to confidently walk her down the street and have peace of mind that she is safe in the house when I am not home. These two things alone have been invaluable to me!

Outside of our basic training program, David has also been able to guide me through any challenges I faced along the way that I would have never been able to figure out on my own – from keeping my dog engaged and interested in me, to working through her reactions to noises, and even developing her relationship with my cat. I also have been working with David on getting my dog involved in a sport to give her an outlet – I can say without a doubt there would not have been another trainer that would have been able to give me the same education, advice, and guidance on the specific training needs for my particular dog.

The best part of this journey has been establishing a relationship of mutual respect with my dog – something David guided me on from the very beginning. Being able to anticipate what Raksha will do in different situations and now having the tools to handle it has given me a HUGE peace of mind. Looking back on the progress we have made since last September is not only incredibly rewarding but also encouraging for where we are headed in the future.

David is not only a great dog trainer but an awesome person! He makes training fun (for you and your dog). Whether you just got your fur pal and haven’t encountered any problems yet or are someone who is struggling with a specific issue, David will get you to a place of confidence by helping you create a great relationship with your dog! I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat! Thank you David for not only helping me get a handle on Raksha but exposing me to a whole new world of dog training and dog sport that I absolutely love!

Yvonne DeanVenice, CA

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