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We were already enrolled in a Basic Obedience group class at the local humane society with our 7 month old labrador, King, who we have only had for 5 weeks.  While King was already versed on basic cues, we were in dire need of building his confidence up, as well as teaching him leash manners / polite walking — things we knew he needed (and we required!) as we were getting acquainted with him.
My first initial phone call with David was so insightful, as I had some very basic questions – from what type of collar is best suitable for him to how to prevent him from chewing.  David made very valuable, knowledgeable suggestions that became easy fixes and just based on the phone conversation alone, I knew that the actual evaluation and training would go just as well.
Our initial one-on-one session seemed more effective than attending our 5-week session at the local humane society — intensive and concise instruction that was very helpful for the long run.
I was pretty intent on a goal we wanted to accomplish, which was to learn polite walking.  David taught us how to properly use a prong collar, clearly defined ‘pulling’ (and learned that King was REALLY pulling) and how to get King to focus on us when walking and not so much on the distractions around him.
Best advice from David, which I have since shared with a lot of dog friends, is that our dog does not have to meet every dog they encounter or pass by.  He put it in perspective for me as a parent that we don’t force our child to meet every child on the street so why should we force our dog to meet every dog on the street?  As King is starting to develop his personality, we know and understand which dogs to socialize him with based on that sound advice alone – his initial reaction or retraction.
David has a very attentive and patient demeanor. Being able to understand our dog, answer any questions, be available for us (even after the training session) and initiate calls, text messages and emails to see how we are progressing proves how much he is  dedicated to reaching his client’s goals.
If you want a trainer that is genuinely interested in seeing his clients become successful dog owners, come here!
David & Aileen ReynaPasadena, CA

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