Benefits of Dog Board-and-Train Programs

Is enrolling your tail-wagger in a dog board-and-train program a good idea? As far as many Los Angeles pet parents are concerned, the answer is a resounding yes.

Also called immersion training or dog boot camp, board-and-train programs can be an effective means of shaping caning behavior. After staying with professional trainers for a few weeks, your pooch can come home with the skills and knowledge needed to be the perfect family companion.

As you might imagine, dog boot camp isn’t typically a low-cost training solution. However, sending your fur baby off for training offers several advantages. Keep reading to see why a Los Angeles dog board-and-train program may be worth the price.

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Dogs Learn the Basics of Obedience

During boot camp, professional trainers work on basic commands – including sit, down, stay and come – and on important skills like crate training, housebreaking, general manners and leash walking. The immersive experience produces results, and by the time a dog board-and-train program ends, basic obedience has been established.

Dogs Can Overcome Bad Habits

Begging at the table, chewing on shoes, resource guarding, jumping up on people, constant barking – annoying and destructive habits like these can be a challenge to break. Professional trainers know how to effectively address these concerns, and by enrolling a dog in boot camp, Los Angeles pet parents can say goodbye to bad habits.

Dog Behavior Issues Can Be Managed

Experienced professional trainers understand canine behavior problems and the techniques to bring them under control. For anyone with an anxious, insecure or aggressive doggo, and for those who have a furry friend with phobias like a fear of thunder or a fear of the stairs, a dog board-and-train program can provide a solution.

Dogs Can Socialize in a Controlled Environment

Exposing puppies to new sounds, sights and situations helps to build confidence, and immersion training allows for proper socialization in a safe environment. Boot camp can also be effective for older dogs who missed out on being socialized early in life, as professional trainers can provide remedial socialization and much-needed support.

Dog Trainers Can Teach Advanced Skills

Some Los Angeles pet parents want their tail-waggers to become certified therapy dogs. Others are interested in specialty training for water safety, obedience trials, agility competitions or performance sports. In any case, because of the immersive approach, a dog board-and-train program can be the best way to help a pooch learn advanced skills.

Dog Board-and-Train Programs are Convenient

Dedicating time and effort to regular dog training sessions or group classes isn’t always an option for busy people. And, some pet owners put in a lot of work, but are simply unable to get the results they’d like. Boot camp can be the ideal answer – what could be more convenient than dropping off a doggo and picking up a well-behaved furry friend?

Dogs Can Learn When Pet Parents Go Out of Town

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, Los Angeles pet parents who need a temporary home for a pooch often look to local boarding facilities. That’s an option, but dog board-and-train programs offer a better solution. The difference in price may be negligible, and boot camp provides both boarding and valuable training experiences.

Dog Owners Receive Training Guidance

Immersion training helps dogs learn new skills, conquer bad habits and curb unwanted behaviors, and professional trainers want to ensure that problems don’t pop up as soon as a pooch gets back home. To that end, the best Los Angeles dog board-and-train programs include follow-up lessons and continuing support for pet parents.

Find the Right Training Solution for Your Furry Friend

Boot camp isn’t a fitting choice for every doggo. Some find the change in routine or environment to be stressful, affecting their ability to learn. And for extremely shy, aggressive or fearful canines, professional dog trainers may recommend a different approach. So, how do you determine the best training solution for your fur baby?

Turning to a seasoned professional trainer is the key. A canine expert can properly evaluate your pooch and, after discussing your specific training needs, suggest an appropriate course of action for meeting your goals. In Los Angeles, the trainers to trust for honest advice based on experience are here at iWorkDogs Dog Training Company.

The iWorkDogs team offers a range of services, and we welcome tail-waggers of all ages, breeds and dispositions. Our state-of-the-art dog training facility in Playa del Rey is designed for safety, comfort and fun, and our professional dog trainers have the qualifications, experience and dedication to achieve positive training outcomes.

We work with pet owners in the greater Los Angeles County and southern California area, including Playa Vista, West Hollywood and Venice, and we’d love to help you find the ideal way to teach your four-legged friend. For more details on our Los Angeles dog board-and-train programs, or to schedule a professional dog training assessment, contact us today.

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