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We had tried all kinds of different dog training courses before finding David at iworkdogs.com. With three young rescue dogs, we faced many challenges with our dog pack. One of our rescue dogs had been described as “untrainable” by his previous owner before that owner surrendered him to a shelter. Another one of our dogs had been rescued from the streets and, consequently, was scared of everything and everyone. Our third dog simply lost his mind whenever anyone approached our home and had been terrorizing our mail carrier.  We tried private training classes and group obedience classes but our dogs always behaved during training class only to misbehave later. Faced with “real world” distractions (like certain other dogs, bicyclists, mail carriers, loud children, etc.), they were difficult to control.  We were frequently trying to correct barking, rough play and leash pulling.
After exhaustive research of dog training methods and theories, we came across A LOT of conflicting information and approaches to dog training and socialization. We weren’t certain of the right approach and knew, as dog owners, we needed our own training and education. We decided to contact iworkdogs.com after seeing videos and posting of David’s work with dogs and reading the testimonials of his clients. That was one of the best decisions we ever made. We still can’t believe that our dogs will now sit on their dog bed when the mail is delivered and that we can walk all three dogs together without relentless leash pulling.
We are frequently asked about our dog trainer and are quick to recommend iworkdogs to anyone needing some training help. David has done wonders for our dogs and working with him was a major game changer for us. The most rewarding part of the training has been watching our dogs grow more confident with each training session and bonding with us even more!
Jayne & RudyPlaya Vista, CA

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