Will Dog Boot Camp Affect Your Bonding with a New Pet?

Sending your new pooch off to a board-and-train dog boot camp is a highly effective way of ensuring they learn basic behavioral skills. But, bonding with your furry friend is important to forming a lifelong relationship – and you may wonder whether the time your dog spends away from you will affect your ability to bond.

The truth is, if you choose a highly regarded dog training company, your pet won’t get attached to the professional trainers instead of bonding with you. When the dog boot camp program ends and your pooch comes home, they’ll know they’re with family.

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Multiple Trainers Will Work with Your Dog

Many board-and-train dog boot camp programs – including those offered here at iWorkDogs Dog Training Company – plan for the pooches who attend to spend time with several different professional trainers. This approach will help your new furry friend learn to generalize commands, while also ensuring that they don’t form too strong of a bond with any particular dog trainer.

You’ll Take Part in the Dog Training

When your pooch heads off to boot camp, the two of you should still have contact. At iWorkDogs, our board-and-train programs include sessions with the pet owner and a professional trainer, as that’s how we help the owner understand how to continue training their furry friend. So, there’s no need to worry about the camp experience affecting the bonding process.

Bonding Continues After Dog Boot Camp

Professional dog trainers really don’t recommend dropping a pooch off at boot camp on the first day with their new family. Waiting a few days gives them time to adjust to the different people and surroundings, and holding off helps the new pet realize that they’ve found their forever home. Sure, attending a board-and-train program will interrupt the bonding process – but it’ll pick back up again once camp is over.

You’ll Have the Support You Need

After your tail-wagger spends time at boot camp, the skills they’ve learned need to be reinforced at home. But, continuing with the training isn’t something that comes naturally for every pet owner. For that reason, reputable board-and-train programs like iWorkDogs offer owners email and phone support along with access to group classes. We want to give you the tools and knowledge you need to build a great relationship with your new pet.

If you live in Los Angeles or the greater southern California area and are looking for a board-and-train camp program, contact iWorkDogs Dog Training Company. Our professional trainers have extensive experience helping dogs learn to be happy, well-adjusted members of the family. We’re the preferred dog trainer of local veterinarians, breeders, shelters and rescues, as we know how to achieve results.

For more information on our training methods, our qualifications or our board-and-train dog boot camp programs, contact iWorkDogs in Los Angeles, CA, today.

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