exotic dog training testimonial in Playa Del Rey

Raul & Genève

What do you get when you combine an inexperienced owner with a large breed of dog from a working line? Problems, plenty of them. As an new owner we had a few concerns with Genève as a puppy. She was “mouthy” (biting hands, feet, or anything else she could get a hold of) and jumping up on people when […]

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Chocolate Lab Training

The Reynas & King

We were already enrolled in a Basic Obedience group class at the local humane society with our 7 month old labrador, King, who we have only had for 5 weeks.  While King was already versed on basic cues, we were in dire need of building his confidence up, as well as teaching him leash manners / polite […]

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small dog training in pacific palisades

Karen & Raja

I’ve had a lot of trainers over the years but David ranks among the most excellent.  My breed, the Tibetan Spaniel, is not the easiest to train obedience because of their independent and stubborn nature and their tendency to try to train humans to do their bidding. No matter how much my dogs tested David […]

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German shepherd dog training in Santa Monica

The Valentines & Grace

I need to make a huge shout out to, David Wright, for helping train our beast of a German shepherd.  We honestly don’t know what we would have if done if we hadn’t found him.  Before meeting David, we created quite a few bad habits we didn’t’ even know we were creating.  We went from […]

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