TJ & Fizzgig

TJ's Brutal Customs and FizzgigBear with me here, this may be lengthy but it is a sincere and honest story of transformation!
To begin with, value was very much a concern, I was unsure of what the results would be after an intensive board and train, with respect to paying for this service, but let me tell you. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
I felt that with how terrible Fizzgig was behavior-wise it was necessary to take him to a professional. I knew training would be necessary but I was unsure where to turn for such a difficult breed.  Now, I am not a dog trainer, but holy smokes, David, is hands down, a trainer through and through.
Fizzgig had numerous abhorrent behavior issues and I was very concerned for the road ahead concerning our relationship but, I was hesitant to hand my pup over to someone for immersion training. Davids confidence, his very apparent knowledge and understanding of how to work with dogs (and their owners) was clear right away. It was obvious that he was committed to his work with dogs, part of that obvious evidence being that he had kennels in the back of his truck and a truck full of dog training stuff,  and a seemingly endless supply of treats in his pocket! (not to mention Davids bottomless patience and buddha like calm emotion which dogs very quickly pick up on, its awesome to see him work with dogs!) Even Davids character and demeanor towards me were pleasant, friendly, and confident. David was happy to answer all my questions with experiential knowledge, and made sure I knew that my dog was in good caring hands.
Now, when I rescued FIzzgig it was quickly apparent he had no manners, no training and some terrible behavior problems. He was like a rude, spoiled child! The worst part, you could tell he was not happy and didn’t know his place in this world or how to relate to his human. He would scream if left alone, he would go potty wherever he pleased, he would wake up in the middle of the night, he would pull on the leash, taking ME for a walk, and he didn’t listen to a word I said. He was in short, a hellraiser and a big jerk.=(
David took Fizzgig into boarding and began the training program which was to sort out all these behavior issues. I visited several weeks later, and I barely recognized the dog who came bounding up to me, excited to say hello and so excited he almost jumped out of his fur! He listened to Davids commands and obeyed!  He was already becoming a different animal. He seemed secure, happy, and eager to please and be praised for good behavior. When I picked Fizzgig up on his last day at the facility, he was a new dog, happy, and well adjusted, though recalling his hellion ways, in the back of my mind, I still wondered how long this reformation would last..
My doubts were washed away very quickly!! I have just recently finished my last training session with David and Fizzgig and myself (These sessions are invaluable in my opinion. David will show you where your dog needs direction and teach you how to help your dog be a GOOD DOG!) and I have 100% complete faith in Davids training ability. He will not only train your dog, but help train YOU to be a better human for your puppy! It’s difficult to remember when to say what, when to give correction, what not to say, because its a different language!!! David is an excellent coach in this area and very thorough!
Dogs don’t speak our language so we have to bridge that gap with trust, patience and understanding. The language barrier between dogs and humans is very tall and wide expanse, and David has surmounted that obstacle, and made it possible for me to effectively communicate with my Dog. The Human/Dog communication barrier is no longer an ocean between myself and my pup, it is now merely a means with which we can both communicate our needs, our love and sometimes our disagreements! David has helped my dog become more than just a fixture in my home, My relationship with Fizzgig is one of my most treasured relationships and our miscommunication has become a thing of the past. Fizzgig is a well behaved dog, loves my company and loves to be at my side wherever I am. Just Imagine how hard it would be to make friends with someone who didn’t speak your language or even speak! David will change all of that for you and your Dog!!!!
I have complete faith in Davids ability and skill with working with dogs. His human working skills are top notch as well!!!  I was given the tools and skills necessary to maintain the hard work David had done with Fizzgig, along with corrections to MY behavior so that I can get the best possible results with my dog. Fizz is a happy, loving member of my family. He knows how to be a friend, how to make me smile, and knows what I need from him on a daily basis. The best part of training Fizz is that I know know how to work with my dog to let him know what’s good behavior and what’s bad behavior. Dogs don’t know this stuff through osmosis and many times our human reactions can be bad for a dog! Training Fizz with David has forever changed the way I will relate to my dog and has ensured that I will have many happy years with my best friend.
If you have a dog who has some behavior issues, big or small, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to David! If you care about your furry friends at all, the small investment into training them is something that will make a HUGE difference in your life and your dogs life. You will find yourself spending more time with your furry friends, you will find the joy they can bring to your life, and I guarantee you will catch yourself smiling when you think about your pup! Their bad behavior will no longer be a burden to you and your family, Instead, your dogs presence will be a valued addition to your life, like it should be!
 You will find there is a friend in your dog that you may never have known existed, David can show you how to find that friend!.
Thank you David for all your hard work,. I cant say enough good things about your skills and i will continue to spread the good word to everyone i know! You have made disciples out of me and Fizz!
Tommy J. StilesSanta Fe Springs, CA

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