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Before Maisie and I started working with David, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep her.

I rescued her from a shelter with no knowledge of her background, thinking she was just a little shy from being in the kennel and would warm up into a friendly dog eventually. She did warm up to me, but I soon realized she wasn’t just going to warm up to everyone, and I was in for more than I had bargained for.

I live in an apartment complex with thin walls and a plethora of dogs, and Maisie has separation anxiety and would cry VERY loudly anytime I left, and has dog aggression that made walking her nearly impossible. I was constantly worried that  I would be forced to take her back to the shelter. I was looking for a dog for some stress relief, and ended up with a dog that caused me more stress than I had before.

I brought up those concerns when I first contacted David, and those were the very first things he addressed. Over the course of several months David worked with us, catering to what Maisie needed and to what she responded to best.

After our training sessions, Maisie and I now have a line of communication that has allowed us to develop a trusting relationship, and has allowed me to understand her more and what she needs. Her separation anxiety is getting better, and I can now take her on walks without a problem. She behaves almost perfectly, and when she doesn’t, I have the tools to understand why and to fix it.

Thanks to David, Maisie’s on her way to being a dream dog!
Kayla HashimotoPlaya Vista, CA

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