Karen & Raja


I’ve had a lot of trainers over the years but David ranks among the most excellent.  My breed, the Tibetan Spaniel, is not the easiest to train obedience because of their independent and stubborn nature and their tendency to try to train humans to do their bidding. No matter how much my dogs tested David and tried to school him into their ways, his patience, sensitivity, quiet authority, and dog savvy enabled him to establish a great rapport with them, both the puppy and the 15-year-old matriarch, and made them want to learn and perform at their best. He intuitively understood what worked best for my dogs, and he did not hesitate to adapt his method of teaching to accommodate their idiosyncrasies.  He also provided me with tips to reinforce his coaching with the dogs and diplomatically corrected my bad habits (as well as the dogs’).

Karen NaimyPacific Palisades, CA

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