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Juliana and Jeff

I need to make a huge shout out to, David Wright, for helping train our beast of a German shepherd.  We honestly don’t know what we would have if done if we hadn’t found him.  Before meeting David, we created quite a few bad habits we didn’t’ even know we were creating.  We went from thinking we had a vicious crazy dog to learning she just needed a little bit of structure and routine.  Our little beast was actually a sweet heart that had been misled her entire life.

David is one of the most patient people I’ve ever met.  He’s extremely professional at what he does, and, I would certainly call him an expert in his field.  We hired David for private training lessons.  He came to our house, he was reliable, and he was on time and, again, always extremely patient not only with our dog, but with us as well.  He gave us homework to work on and would follow up on his next visit, which was extremely helpful in creating our routine.  He has integrity and will not give you a run for your money, as we felt other trainers would.  As it turned out, we planned for 6 privates, but David felt we only needed 5 and was honest about that.  I can’t say enough good things about him and could go on and on, but will leave this post saying, BEST TRAINER EVER.

Check him out if you’re in search of your very own Dog whisperer.

Juliana & Jeff ValentineSanta Monica, CA

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