Reasons to Use Reward-Based Dog Training Techniques

Does your furry friend need to learn new behaviors?

Reward-based dog training relies on positive reinforcement rather than dominance or physical force. Essentially, with this approach, you’ll be rewarding Fido for demonstrating good behavior and withholding rewards for undesirable behavior. Here, the experienced professional trainers at iWorkDogs explains why pet owners should use these training techniques.

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Professionals Recommend Reward-Based Dog Training

Veterinarians and pet organizations say that to get the best results, training should be based on rewards and positive reinforcement. Motivating dogs to work for something – such as treats, playtime or attention – is the recommended approach for teaching new behaviors. You won’t find many professionals who advocate using aversive techniques like punishment and negative reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement Helps Dogs Learn Tasks Quickly

A number of studies have shown that reward-based techniques work. Positive reinforcement increases the aptitude to learn, enabling dogs to master new tasks more quickly. And while dogs can be trained through the use of shock collars, harsh corrections and other aversive techniques, this type of approach tends to be much less effective.

Reward-Based Training is Good for Animal Welfare

Positive reinforcement training methods are humane and compassionate, and dogs trained with rewards are less likely to have behavior problems. Using aversive techniques can cause pain, anxiety and stress, which can lead to fearful or aggressive responses. In many cases, aversive training results in long-term adverse effects and an increase in unwanted behavior.

Using Reward-Based Dog Training Techniques is Fun

Dog training should be enjoyable, and learning behaviors in exchange for rewards is like playing a fun game. As such, positive reinforcement not only makes pets happy, but also helps build a strong human-canine bond. Aversive training isn’t fun at all – and dogs trained with this approach can come to associate their unpleasant or painful feelings with the person who is inflicting them.

Looking for a Professional Dog Trainer Who Uses Positive Reinforcement?

Many pet owners have a difficult time with dog training. If you’re struggling to teach your four-legged family member, you may want to entrust the task to an experienced professional trainer.

At iWorkDogs Dog Training Company, based in southern California, our professional trainers rely on positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques to help dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments learn new behaviors. We offer group classes, private training sessions and board-and-train boot camps — and spending time with us will be fun for your furry friend. We’ll also involve you in the training process, so you’ll learn how to handle your pet on your own.

For more information on the iWorkDogs team or our reward-based dog training programs, contact us online or give our Los Angeles office a call today.

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