Puppy Training Tips – How to Stop Your Pup from Chewing on Everything

Is your new pup gnawing on everything they can find? Take the right approach to puppy training, and you can put an end to the destructive chewing.

It’s completely normal for puppies to chew on things – that’s how dogs explore their environment. Plus, chewing provides relief from the pain of teething. But while the behavior is understandable, it certainly isn’t acceptable for your furry friend to chew on whatever they like. Below, the puppy training professionals at iWorkDogs share advice on how to make destructive chewing stop.

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Make Tempting Chew Toys Available

Providing lots of attractive chew toys is a smart training strategy. Place them in different spots, areas that are easily accessible – and be sure to offer a range of types of toys. That way, you’ll stand a greater chance of your puppy not chewing on something they shouldn’t.

Try Catching Your Puppy in the Act

Pay close attention to your pup, and as soon as you notice them chewing on the wrong thing, firmly say, “No!” and offer a chew toy as a replacement. Keep your tone of voice positive – you don’t want to scare your dog, as that could lead them to simply wait until you’re out of the room to start chewing on the unacceptable item.

Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Sometimes, destructive chewing is the result of boredom. To make sure that isn’t the case with your dog, see that they get ample exercise. Take the time to play with them, too, using chew toys as a part of the game. By doing so, you’ll help your puppy learn what they’re allowed to chew on.

Consider Professional Puppy Training

Puppy training isn’t always easy, and destructive chewing isn’t a behavior you can put up with for long. If you’re having difficulty getting your new furry family member to stop chewing on the furniture, the carpet, your shoes or any of your other belongings, turning to a professional trainer may make sense.

At iWorkDogs Dog Training Company, serving pet owners in Los Angeles and the greater southern California area, we offer professional puppy training with a personalized approach. Let us know the issues you’re facing – whether it’s just the chewing or if having trouble with crate training, potty training, leash training or anything else – and we’ll figure out a plan to assist you in achieving your goals.

The experienced team at iWorkDogs provide training to puppies and dogs of all breeds and temperaments, and our professional trainers can even help ensure your dog passes the American Kennel Club (AKC) Good Canine Citizen test. For more information on our services, or to get the puppy training help you need, contact our office in Los Angeles, California, today.

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