Obedience Training for Dogs – What are Your Options?

As the name suggests, obedience training is focused on helping dogs become obedient. To be more specific, this type of training involves teaching basic commands, such as sit, come, down and stay – all of which can go a long way toward keeping your four-legged friend safe.

Positive reinforcement and a reward-based approach are the foundation of any upstanding obedience training program. Here at iWorkDogs, our professional trainers offer a range of options that can help your dog learn to be obedient. We make learning fun, and we’ll customize our program to target your training goals.

Dog obedience training in LA

Group Classes

Semi-private group sessions can be great for obedience training, and while you won’t have the undivided attention of a professional trainer, your dog will benefit from the socialization.

Group classes are typically lower in cost than other dog training options, and learning with others can provide your pooch with the necessary discipline to be obedient when surrounded by distractions. If your schedule permits, group sessions may be a smart solution.

Immersion Training

A board-and-train program is sometimes the best way to work on obedience, and through immersion training, a professional trainer can help your dog overcome behavioral problems.

Also referred to as dog boot camp, immersion training is a live-in program that offers your pet the chance to master the basic commands. The trainer will also focus on your other goals, such as crate training, getting your dog to stop jumping on people or housebreaking. Once the board-and-train program ends, you’ll work closely with the trainer to learn how you can achieve results.

Private Lessons

One-on-one obedience training is a highly effective method of reinforcing the skills learned during dog boot camp, and private sessions with a professional trainer allow you to be fully involved in the process.

Go with private dog training, and you’ll get to see the trainer in action. You’ll also have the opportunity to try the techniques yourself, with your trainer giving guidance. And your dog will learn how to be obedient at home, as that’s where the sessions will take place.

Turn to the Professional Dog Trainers at iWorkDogs

At iWorkDogs Dog Training Company, serving pet owners in southern California, we promote obedient behavior through positive reinforcement and reward-based methods. Our experienced professional team offers obedience training programs for puppies and adult dogs, and we work with all breeds.

Give us a call, and we’ll help you determine which obedience training option is the best fit for you and your furry family member. To effective train your dog, we’ll need to get an understanding of their temperament, behavior and intelligence – and we’ll want to know your goals. After a thorough evaluation, our professional trainers will make a recommendation as to whether group classes, immersion training or private lessons are the right choice.

For more information on obedience training for dogs, or to schedule a professional evaluation, contact iWorkDogs in Los Angeles, California, today.

For more information on obedience training for dogs, or to arrange for a dog training evaluation with one of our experienced professional trainers, contact us online or reach out to our office in Los Angeles, California, today.

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