Need Dog Boarding in LA? Consider a Board-and-Train Program Instead

If you’re planning an out-of-town trip and in need of dog boarding, give some thought to sending your four-legged family member to a dog board-and-train program instead.

Dog boot camp costs more than boarding, but depending upon the facility you choose, the difference in price may not be all that significant. Plus, while you’re away, your pooch will be learning valuable skills and having a lot of fun. Why not come home to a happy, well-behaved pet?

The best LA dog boarding alternatives today

Finding a Reputable Dog Boarding Facility

Board with some kennels, and your furry friend will be confined most of the time – unless, that is, you shell out extra cash for daily walks and outside play.

That isn’t always the case, of course. Excellent boarding facilities can be found, but to do so, you may have to do a good deal of searching. And once you locate a reputable facility in your local area, you’ll likely see that their fees aren’t that far off from the cost of enrolling in a dog boot camp program.

Advantages of a Dog Board-and-Train Program

If you’re in need of dog boarding, you’re already budgeting for the expense. And since you’re going to spend the money anyway, putting it toward dog boot camp makes better sense.

Boot camp includes boarding, and while at the facility, your pooch will be cared for by a professional trainer. That not only ensures the safety of your beloved pet, but also allows them plenty of opportunity to learn new skills.

Training typically focuses on socialization, obedience and good behavior – and you can also ask the trainer to work on other goals at boot camp, such as housebreaking, walking on a leash and crate training. Some programs, including those at iWorkDogs Dog Training Company, welcome pets that are fearful, aggressive or have other behavioral problems.

Los Angeles Dog Boarding and Board-and-Train Programs

If you live in Los Angeles or the greater southern California area, you have your choice of several boarding facilities and dog boot camp programs. Once you do a little research, however, you’ll see that iWorkDogs Dog Training Company is your best option.

Our professional trainers have extensive experience training dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments – and we have the trust of local veterinarians, shelters, rescues and breeders. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our state-of-the-art dog boarding facility, designed for both safety and comfort. If you’d rather enroll in a board-and-train program, ours is customizable to help your pooch master the skills you want them to learn.

For more information on boarding services at iWorkDogs Dog Training Company, or for details on our LA dog boot camp programs, reach out to our Los Angeles, CA, office today.

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