Is It Ever Too Late to Start Dog Training?

Dog training is easier the earlier you begin – and ideally, that would be the day you bring a new puppy home. But, not all pet parents take the time to fully train their furry friends at a young age, and some don’t have the opportunity.

What if your dog is an adult? Can you teach an older pooch new skills and behaviors?

Fortunately, yes — it’s never too late to start dog training. Professional trainers routinely work with adult pets, and here at iWorkDogs, clients turn to us for a range of reasons.

Can an older pet benefit from working with a dog trainer?

Training an Adopted Dog

Many people adopt adult dogs from shelter and rescue facilities, and these pets can become happy, well-adjusted members of the family. Getting to that point may take time due to the different living environment, but dog training can be effective. Regardless of an adopted dog’s age, it isn’t too late to start.

Training for Major Life Changes

Having a baby, moving from the city to the country – people make these types of big changes all the time. Learning to live with the new situation isn’t always easy, and that’s true for us as well as our four-legged friends. For a dog, training sessions may be necessary to adjust to life changes.

Training to Break Bad Habits

Pet owners often put up with bad habits for years, as they don’t have the time or motivation to bring the problem to a stop. Eventually, however, the behavior becomes to be too much of an issue – and that’s when they want to start dog training. Waiting to train isn’t ideal, but with the right approach, dogs can learn new behaviors.

Training to Socialize a Dog

Socialization is somewhat different than training for new skills. When a pooch grows up without learning how to socialize, teaching them to become comfortable around other people and dogs and in unfamiliar situations can be challenging. Training sessions can help, but depending upon how scared, stressed or anxious a dog is, success with socialization may require a professional.

Do you need assistance with dog training? If you’re in Los Angeles or the greater southern California area, turn to the iWorkDogs team. We’re the preferred trainers of local shelters, rescues, veterinarians and breeders – and with us, your furry family member will have fun learning.

We offer a range of training options, including group classes, private sessions and board-and-train boot camps. Our professional trainers have experience working with all breeds, ages and temperaments – and we’re confident we can achieve results with your beloved pooch. For more information on iWorkDogs or our LA dog training programs, contact us online or call our Los Angeles office today.

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