How To Teach Crate Training To A Dog Or Puppy

One of the things we see most people struggle with is crate training. Many people will try but abandon it as soon as their dog shows any resistance. 

I think from the beginning, most people look at the crate as some sort of punishment. That’s because we humans associate being confined to a small space as negative. Now, I could go into how dogs are denning animals and actually prefer small spaces and that’s why they like to go under beds, tables etc… but none of that will matter when you close the crate door and your pup is screaming like someone is gouging their eyes out with a spoon.

What if I told you there’s a simple and easy way to get them to like it. I’ve used this method with all of my own dogs, and hundreds of client dogs. 


In an attempt to not waste your time, we put together a 6 step process in a 6min video. If you or a friend need help with crate training, WATCH the video. SHARE it, SUBSCRIBE, LIKE it, and leave a COMMENT.

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