Dog Training Strategies to Stop Barking at the Door

Does your pooch go crazy when someone knocks at the door? With the right dog training methods, you can help your barker learn to be quiet.

Barking at the door is one of the most common issues dog owners face – and actually, the behavior is quite normal. Experts believe that barking at sudden sounds is the result of selective breeding, which is ironic given that these days, it’s one of the reasons dogs end up in shelters.

But, while barking may be an ingrained behavior, it isn’t unstoppable. Below, you’ll find dog training strategies for teaching your barker to ignore the door.

How to make your dog stop barking

Train Your Dog to Remain Calm and Go to Their Crate

For this dog training technique, you’ll be teaching your pooch to head to their crate when they hear a knock – where, if necessary, they can remain until they’re comfortable with your visitor.

Start by softly knocking on a table, making sure your furry friend is watching. Then, toss a treat into their crate. Repeat this until your barker heads to the crate on their own at the sound of a knock.

Once you’ve achieved that goal, wait until the barking stops before you offer the treat. Gradually increase the randomness of your phony door knocking to reinforce the behaviors, then work your way up to having a friend knock on the door. Keep practicing, and you can train your dog to go to their crate without barking when they hear knocking.

Consider Professional Dog Training

Teaching your pooch not to bark when someone knocks at the door takes time, so try to be patient But if things aren’t going so well, you can always contact iWorkDogs Dog Training Company.

Our experienced professional trainers work with pet owners in Los Angeles and the greater southern California area, and we offer several programs – including group classes, private training classes and board-and-train dog boot camps – that can help your pooch learn the how to behave.

If you’ve been unsuccessful in getting your dog to stop barking at the door and you want expert assistance, contact iWorkDogs Dog Training Company today.

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