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Dogs and Pools Los Angeles Dog Trainer

Dogs & Pools | Los Angeles

Dogs And Pools With the summer quickly approaching, most Los Angeles dog trainers are encouraging their clients to make sure they keep their dogs safe from the heat. With the onset of the heat, there’s another danger that a lot of trainers don’t consider… dogs and pools. Dogs and Pools are pretty popular in Los Angeles. If […]

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canine good citizen loose leash walking

Canine Good Citizen Training | Los Angeles

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of request for Canine Good Citizen training, so it seems right to discuss the program and why we think it’s so important. Here at iWorkDogs, our aim is to educate people as much as it is to train dogs. We believe there are standards for well behaved dogs, and requirements for […]

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dog tug a war

How To Get Your Dog To Like You Part I (Games)

This is Part 1 of How to Get Your Dog to Like You… (See Your Dog Probably Doesn’t Like You) People who regularly play interactive games with their dogs have healthier and happier relationships with them. Dogs are social creatures and they require regular interaction to thrive. I encourage you to make engaging games a part of your daily […]

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greeting a friendly stranger

Your Dog Probably Doesn’t Like You

As a dog trainer, I love taking a dog, and a treat and teaching the dog a new behavior. There’s something very rewarding about establishing a relationship with an animal and having moments that you completely understand each other. There’s something profound about communicating without language. You learn to listen with your eyes. You learn to […]

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