Professional Dog Trainers in Playa del Rey, California

Dog obedience training in LA

Are you looking for an experienced and reputable professional dog trainer? In Playa del Rey, the greater Los Angeles County area and throughout southern California, pet owners trust the team at iWorkDogs Dog Training Company.

We’ve achieved great success by taking a different approach. We start off with immersion training, as our professional trainers have found that board-and-train programs are highly effective for both puppies and adult dogs. Whatever your training goals, the iWorkDogs team is ready to provide you with results.

Talented Professional Puppy Trainers in Playa del Rey
If you’d like to train your puppy yourself, but lack the time or need expert help getting your little tail-wagger to behave, immersion training with iWorkDogs could be the answer.

We treat the young pups we’re training like family, and our professional puppy trainers make learning fun. We rely on reward-based techniques, using positive reinforcement to teach important skills and encourage proper behavior. Our immersive board-and-train programs are customized to better accommodate pet owners in southern California, and our professional trainers provide assistance to ensure continued results at home.

After completing immersion training, young pups sometimes need refresher courses. And, of course, behavioral issues and bad habits can emerge later on. At iWorkDogs, we offer puppy classes to alums of our board-and-train program, and our puppy classes are designed to be convenient, affordable and effective.

Playa del Rey Dog Obedience Training Programs

If you recently adopted an adult dog – or if your efforts to train your beloved family pet have been less than successful – immersive dog obedience training with iWorkDogs is the ideal solution.

Immersion training can help dogs of all ages and breeds learn basic skills and advanced obedience, and our board-and-train programs can also work to overcome bad habits like excessive barking, constant begging and digging up the yard. We welcome dogs of all dispositions, and if your furry friend seems overly anxious or displays aggressive behavior, our team can help them become a happy, well-adjusted pooch.

The professional dog trainers at iWorkDogs have the knowledge, skill and expertise to get results through immersive obedience training. But when a pet owner encounters a new issue after our dog board-and-train program ends, we offer private training, using a customized approach to curb the unwanted behavior.

Schedule a Consultation with our Dog Trainers in Playa del Rey

While every professional dog trainer serving Playa del Rey claims to be an expert, that isn’t always the case. You want trainers who have the necessary talent to provide results, professionals with years of experience who have a good understanding of canine behavior. That describes the iWorkDogs team — and we’re fully committed to providing superior dog training services to pet owners in southern California.

Whether you have a young puppy or an adult dog, your pooch will be in good hands with the professional trainers at iWorkDogs. For information on our state-of-the-art Playa del Rey facility, our approach to dog training or our immersive board-and train programs for puppies and dogs, contact us today.

Training Here or There!

You can visit us at our location in Playa Del Rey or we can come to you for your training needs. We provide our services to customers throughout the LA area, including Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Venice, El Segundo and Culver City.

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation and consultation with our Los Angeles dog training experts.