3 Reasons to Consider Immersion Training for Your Dog

Millions of people know the joy and companionship that comes from having a dog—going for walks, playing in the park, cuddling on the couch—but what happens when your dog starts to exhibit behaviors that are potentially harmful to them, to you, or to other pets and pet owners? Even the best dogs can struggle with obedience and other behavioral concerns, such as separation anxiety or impulse control. Some can be solved with more traditional individual or group dog training sessions, but others require a deeper dive into training through immersion.

Immersion training can be a great option for dogs that need more than group sessions

What is Immersion Dog Training?

Immersion dog training programs—sometimes known as “board and train” programs—provide your dog with a holistic training that is more intensive and advanced than traditional group or individual sessions. Dogs train during the day and stay with the trainer overnight for the duration of the program (usually between 10-21 days). They are designed specifically around your dog’s needs with unique and individualized training sessions.

Who Should Consider Immersion Training for Dogs

If you are wondering whether immersion dog training is the right choice for your pet, here are three reasons you should consider it.

1: You have a very busy schedule. Bringing home a puppy is a lot of fun, but they require a lot of attention and focused training during the first several months. If you have a demanding schedule and you won’t be able to commit the time and effort to training your new furry best friend, your puppy may develop bad habits, fears, phobias, or other issues.

2: Your dog is shy or fearful. When your puppy is extremely shy or fearful it can be difficult for them to learn during regular group dog training sessions. These puppies often need more focused attention and a more individualized approach to help them overcome fear or shyness and get socialized to be around other humans, dogs, or animals.

3: Your dog has behavioral issues. If your dog is experiencing behavioral problems already, whether they suffered some type of abuse or neglect in the past or just developed some bad habits along the way, immersion training is an effective way to help retrain them in a very structured environment. The more advanced obedience training that is specifically catered to address the behaviors of your dog.

At iWorks Dog Trianing, our immersion programs go over basic and advanced behavioral training, including:

  • Learning commands like sit, down, focus, heel, wait (impulse control)
  • Behavior modification if required
  • Fitness and overall health
  • Socialization
  • Enrichment classes and experiences

To learn more about these programs and our experienced trainers in the Los Angeles area, and find out if immersion training it’s right for your dog, contact us today.

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