3 Must-Haves for Walking The Dog

walking the dog

1. Poop Bags

I always carry poop bags when walking the dog. Some people prefer plastic grocery bags, but let’s face it… they can split and tear and leave you with a mess on your hands. Another reason to carry poop bags, and probably the most motivating, is that people are watching… We’ve all been there. Your dog leaves a big healthy load right as a neighbor is walking past you. If you don’t pick it up, you know they’re going to start talking about you and giving you dirty looks. Third reason is that poop is just gross. No one wants to step in dog poo on the way to get in their car. Use a poop bag.


2. Leather Leash

All it takes is one time for a dog to take-off after something pulling the nylon leash through your hand giving you a harsh burn for you to realize that a leather leash is the ONLY way to go… especially with the larger breeds. In addition, leather leashes don’t have much give, thus giving an instantaneous correction when a correction is needed. Third, once broken in, a leather leash feels great in your hands. When well cared for, a leather leash will outlast your dog some people say. But beware, a dog with a chewing habit (or a untrained puppy) will destroy your investment in the blink of an eye. iWorkDogs sells some of the best quality hand-made leather leashes on the market… If you’re interested in a leather leash please contact us: gear@iworkdogs.com


3. Treats

Why? Because dogs love treats… that’s why. Also, every time I’m walking the dog, it’s an opportunity to train. I like to practice my sits, downs, and stays on walks. So I want to pay them for executing desired behaviors. I tend to use Natural balance logs. I cut them into squares and toss them in my “bait bag.” You can use whatever you like, but I suggest using something that is soft and the dog can chew easily.


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