Dog Training Tips

How To Get Your Dog To Like You Part II (Playing Tug)

Teaching tug is one of my favorite ways to get my client’s dogs to like them; however, it’s a pretty common myth that one should not play tug with their dog. Critics say “playing tug will make your dog aggressive.” They also say, “Letting your dog win a tugging bout will make them think they’re […]

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How To Get Your Dog To Like You Part I (Games)

This is Part 1 of How to Get Your Dog to Like You… (See Your Dog Probably Doesn’t Like You) People who regularly play interactive games with their dogs have healthier and happier relationships with them. Dogs are social creatures and they require regular interaction to thrive. I encourage you to make engaging games a part of your daily […]

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greeting a friendly stranger

Your Dog Probably Doesn’t Like You

As a dog trainer, I love taking a dog, and a treat and teaching the dog a new behavior. There’s something very rewarding about establishing a relationship with an animal and having moments that you completely understand each other. There’s something profound about communicating without language. You learn to listen with your eyes. You learn to […]

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dog parks in west LA

The Thing About Dog Parks…

Dog Parks are like most ideologies. They make perfect sense in theory, but in reality they tend to miss the mark. In theory, dogs parks are a safe fenced-in area that provide dogs with exercise and the opportunity to be socialized. Dog owners get an opportunity to meet other dog lovers, and they feel as […]

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Movie Dogs

How To Train A Dog For Movies

So Fido is the cutest dog in the world, and who wouldn’t love his face! In fact, he’s so cute and clever he should do movies! I think we all feel that way about our dogs… especially when they are being jovial and on their best behavior. So, does your pup have what it takes […]

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how to crate train your dog

Train Your Dog To Love The Crate

There are many arguments against crate training. For some people it seems to conjure up feelings of imprisonment and cruelty.  They just see it as a dog cage… To the contrary, crate training can not only be useful tool for all sorts of behavioral training, but it can also give your dog some personal space in […]

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Dog Aggression

3 Ways To Manage Dog Aggression: Correct, Redirect, and Protect

Dog aggression is a serious and common behavioral problem for dog owners. There are many reasons as to why your dog may be aggressive toward other dogs, animals or even people. One of those reasons could be that your dogs doesn’t feel as though you can or will address potential threats, so they decide to […]

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Dog Owners Should Never Say

5 Things Dog Owners Should Never Say!

It’s unfortunate that most dog owners are oblivious to the world around them. They walk the streets with their dog pulling at the front of the lead walking up to any dog or person it wants. Most dog owners believe they have a good understanding and good control of their dogs, so they unknowingly put Fido in compromising situations. […]

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Hiking With Your Dog

5 Essentials For Hiking With Your Dog

One of the beautiful things about living in Los Angeles is that our metropolis is surrounded by nature. Our weather allows you to drive one hour to snow, and an hour in the opposite direction to the beach, all in the same day. In between the mountains and the beaches are tons of canyons and trails […]

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separation anxiety training

3 Tips For Curing Dog Separation Anxiety…

Dog separation anxiety happens when your dog becomes stressed every time he or she is left alone. Usually the dog paces, whines, chews, or scratches doors and windowsills. They make housebreaking mistakes, bark and exhibit any other attention-seeking behavior. In reality, it doesn’t matter if you’re gone for five minutes or five hours, your dog stresses […]

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